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Becoming a micropigmentation technician has the potential to be a highly profitable career but will also bring you and your client a ton of satisfaction. Microblading is in high demand right now and it’s only increasing in popularity with lots of continuing education for additional services. Learn the fundamentals of microblading and why it is so important to learn the basics! Desired Beauty Academy is right where you need to be!


Desiree is a multi-talented, professional cosmetic tattoo artist! Always having a hand in the beauty industry, she has an artistic eye for creating a look that is current but true to you. Her passion for talent, knowledge, and expertise, combined with advanced training techniques have transformed her into a high demand cosmetic tattoo artist.

“My journey started with Microblading. Cosmetic tattooing and changing people’s lives by giving them self-confidence has been an extremely rewarding career. I now hold over 26 certifications in the cosmetic tattoo industry. Some of those include machine shading, the hybrid/combo brow, paramedical tattooing, 3D areola tattoo, scar camouflage, tattoo removal, advanced brow mapping, and many more!  My goal is to teach my students the techniques I learned from my advanced training, while including what I have learned along the way, and translate that into the perfect course to create one powerful PMU student. The strong inner desire to educate in this industry builds inside me and I will shape you to be the best artist you can be. I have always said there is MORE than enough room for all of us”. – Desiree



This 2-day intensive, hands on course will teach the fundamentals on the traditional microblading technique. Learn to map a perfect brow, and design a brow pattern that perfectly complement your client’s face. Students receive a kit the day of class, a manual of all crucial information, and step by step instruction every second of the class. Using these methods, students learn how to give their client the most refreshing, natural looking results possible.


Whether you are new to the industry or feel you need more from a previous training, Desiree is here for you! With proper education and knowledge, this course is designed to lead you to a successful and lucrative career.


This 2-day course is packed with hands-on learning. We will walk you through each process step by step, enabling you to treat your future clients with confidence. This course will allow you to practice on paper, fake skin, a mannequin, and a live model.



  • Theory
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Facial Shapes
  • Color Theory
  • Pigment
  • Brow Designing
  • Proper use of tools
  • Learning needles
  • Tray Set up
  • Consultation
  • Consents and forms
  • Touch ups
  • Aftercare


  • Working on paper/drawing brows
  • Brow mapping
  • Working on artificial skin/mannequin
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • Live Model

After the training, our students are fully trained and certified in the microblading technique. With that said, in some states, you are required to be a licensed tattoo technician in order to practice this art. CT is one of them and you will need to follow up with your instructor if you are interested in the apprentice program to obtain your license.


  • 3 Microblade pens
  • 1 box of U blade needles
  • 1 box classic needles
  • 8 Pigments
  • Latex practice sheets
  • Wax shaping pencils
  • Microblading ruler
  • Eyebrow Brushes
  • Eyebrow microfiber swabs
  • 1 box of pigment rings
  • 1 box of pigment cups
  • 1 surgical marker
  • 1 box of disposable practice tools
  • 1 workbook with important info

Estimated Potential Salary


Average cost of microblading


Weekly income: based on 5 clients per week


Annual Income: (Gratuity not included)

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